Constitution of foreign companies

The term offshore company identifies a company registered under the laws of a foreign state, but which conducts its business outside the state or jurisdiction in which it is registered.

One of the most frequently target to the creation of an offshore company is the reduced taxation; but through a company properly configured you can also get other advantages to be reckoned as the protection of the heritage, the simplification of bureaucracy, cost optimization, and last but not least the confidentiality (The offshore company is a legal entity, the name of its director could therefore not appear in any documentation, and this ensures a perfect anonymity)

Directly online we drive you in the creation of your offshore company
The establishment of an offshore company is perfectly legal. An offshore company can therefore be created by anyone desired.
“Any natural or legal person resident in the European Community have the right to create a company in the country of their choice without having to reside there for tax purposes […]”

The choice of jurisdiction (tax haven) in which to establish their own company or its assets, it is not simple, and depends mainly on the type of investment that is going to do, the type of activity, and the extent of their disposable income .
Every tax haven offers corporate forms ad hoc, which, although varying in the denomination, are subject to roughly similar rules as the ability to issue bearer shares or to keep the corporate documents and accounting in the world.

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